Case Study

The Problem

The Problem – Client was looking to expand media mix and find new acquisition growth channels beyond social, display and search. Concrete acquisition cost and down funnel revenue analysis was a high priority

Our Challenge

Our Challenge – Introduce an alternative form of television/video media that would allow us to provide a concrete analytic solution to not only gauge customer acquisition costs but follow TV customers down funnel from a lifetime value and revenue per user perspective

What We Accomplished

  • Employed our proprietary Matchback Attribution methodology matching impression level data from our digital media to matching consumer data in the client’s CRM
  • Delivered granular insight on top of funnel cost pers from a vendor, placement and creative standpoint
  • Provided the necessary data to allow client to follow cohorts of matched customers from initial activation down to life-time value and revenue per user
  • Launching in January of 2019 we have maintained cost per visit goals through optimization
  • We’ve continuously tested new vendors month over month to expand reach within the digital video channel
  • Channel mix has expanded to Podcast and Audio Streaming with the same attribution methodology
  • Revenue analysis has shown that we are acquiring customers under their max customer acquisition cost goal
  • Customers attributed to our media are maturing within the clients pay back window goal


Precise media strategy, delivered with transparency, performing at the highest efficiency all with
the appearance of being effortless.