Case Study

The Problem

The client was looking to expand their company’s reach and increase sales from local and national radio while keeping their overall cost per acquisition within reasonable levels.

Our Challenge

Being able to generate and deliver high quality leads to a client with strict call center hours, 46 state coverage, and keeping internal acquisition costs within sustainable levels.

What We Accomplished

We developed a three pronged approach to build the client’s
lead volume, sale volume and share the overall risk in order to
build the campaign

Developed three different billing mechanisms
to split media into three categories


Risk Casual Precision

Cost per Acquisition: We billed the client a flat rate per sale based on historical metrics


Risk Casual Precision

Cost per Call Radio: We billed the client on a flat rate per call to help with our testing effort. High converting stations were then moved to the cost per acquisition model while allowing us to continue testing new media.

Cost per Call Digital: Digital sources to help increase volume and sales which is kept separate from Radio for optimization purposes


Risk Casual Precision

Cash Media: This media was billed to the client at cost which allowed us to determine values for the media and whether or not they could be utilized for the cost per call or cost per acquisition campaign.


The campaign able to generate higher than average call volume and
sustain sale volume during radio’s tightest months of May and June.


Precise media strategy, delivered with transparency, performing at the highest efficiency all with
the appearance of being effortless.